Gu Lab uses biochemical, molecular genetics, and spectroscopic approaches to decipher mechanisms of cellulose biosynthesis. Cellulose, often touted as the most abundant biopolymer on earth, is a major source of raw materials for paper, textiles, and an abundant source for sustainable and environment-friendly cellulosic biofuels. A long-term goal of our research is to gain a deeper understanding of the regulation of cellulose biosynthesis so that the fundamental knowledge can be transferred for designing new cellulosic materials with diverse economic applications.

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Latest News:

April 18, 2024: Neha Matai was awarded Summer Undergraduate Research Fund Scholarship. Congratulations Neha!

February 25, 2024: Our paper “The TRAPPIII subunit, Trs85, has a dual role in the trafficking of cellulose synthase complexes in Arabidopsis” is published online. Read more

February 4, 2024: Our paper “Dot Scanner: Open-source Software for Quantitative Live-cell Imaging in planta” is published online. Read more

January 8, 2024: Neha Matai, an undergraduate from Schreyer Honors College, joined our group. Welcome Neha!

July 11, 2023: Penn State News highlighted the research from Gu Lab: “Newly identified protein regulates the creation of cellulose in plant cells”. Read more

June 5, 2023: Our manuscript “CALCIUM-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE32 regulates cellulose biosynthesis through post-translational modification of cellulose synthase” was accepted by New Phytologist. Congratulations to all!

May 30, 2023: Our manuscript “Simulation of microtubule-cytoplasm interaction revealed the importance of fluid dynamics in determining the organization of microtubules” was accepted by Plant Direct. Congratulations to all!

May 6, 2023: Congratulations to Cara Fliegel, class of 2023! Best wishes to your future endeavor!

April  21, 2023: Ran Tao, a graduate student from the Plant Biology Graduate Program, joined our group. Welcome Ran!

Jan 27, 2023: Kevin Ding, an undergraduate who is an awardee of the WISER/MURE/FURP research program, joined our group. Welcome Kevin!