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Penn State News highlighted the research from Gu Lab: “Newly identified protein regulates the creation of cellulose in plant cells”. Link

Penn State News highlighted the research from Gu Lab: “Herringbone pattern in plant cell walls critical to cell growth.” Link

Xiaoyu Zhu received the 2018 Robert T. Simpson Graduate Student Award for Innovative Research. Link

Penn State News highlighted the research from Gu Lab: “New insights into how cellulose is built could indicate how to break it apart for biofuels.” Link

A Penn State Research article highlights the research of Gu LAB researchers at Penn State: “The key to efficient biofuels may lie in learning how plants build their cell wall.” Full story (page 21-24): Link

Logan Bashline was invited to make a video of his current work to be used as part of a video series that showcases the accomplishments of successful Waynesburg alumni.